Meet Dr. Ebner of Biltmore Innovative Dentistry

We met Dr. Jennifer Ebner .DDS  at her office at Biltmore Innovative Dentistry when she was about to open up her new practice last summer in Biltmore area, in Phoenix.

She knew the power of having a good video and digital marketing can boost her online presence and help her practice to gain more visitors. we shared the fact that video can reduce the bounce rate as people stay longer on the website to watch the video.

As we always say: Show! don’t tell!

After finishing up the promo video, we realized, how fun the shoot was and wanted to share the bloopers.

After all, little laughter and smile, can go a long way.

We did the bloopers, and interesting enough brought us equal (if not more 😉 ) attention to the her website.

And of course, a great opener from patients.

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These days, people want to watch videos rather than read a paragraph, yet even their attention span for videos is low!

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