@Brands: Success in Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is an amazing way to reach people and grow your business. Things like leads, engagement, installs, web traffic, and even real life foot traffic can be targeted specifically on many platforms. But because of this level of control, it can be a little overwhelming to get into. I’m here to give you a quick look at your best options.

1) Demographics

Let’s look at the demographics for some of the main social media platforms and keep your target audience in mind.

Facebook is a great place to start for most companies because it crosses generations, gender, and income.

YouTube is similar to Facebook in size and spread of audience type, with a slightly younger average age. Interestingly though, YouTube has more male users than Facebook on average, which could potentially be important for your brand.

Instagram and Twitter each have about half the audience of Facebook and skew younger like YouTube, but they still have a wide range of income, education, and gender, so they’re also very good options.

I think LinkedIn is interesting because it’s a little different than the others. Its main user base is way older and more educated than any other social media platform. It caters more toward professionals which could be perfect for your brand, especially if you’re looking to pursue B2B marketing.

Pinterest is also quite different as it is 85% female. This platform is perfect if your company is promoting DIY, recipes, fashion, or something along those lines. The click-through rates for those things on Pinterest are very high.

An important note, each of these platforms vary in the amount you can customize who will see your ad, the most specific being Facebook and Instagram. All the platforms allow gender, age, and general location specifications, but Facebook and Instagram allow you to specify even further. You can choose interests, job title, salary, hobbies, and even down to very specific things like whether they just started dating someone. This is another reason why Facebook is so popular for advertisers.


2) Objectives

So now that we’ve looked at some general demographics, let’s look at some objectives.

Most platforms can provide the same basic ones like:

  1. Awareness, which is increasing general reach and brand awareness.

  2. Consideration, which can be a couple of different things, like sending people to your website, increasing engagement somewhere, encouraging views or installs, generating leads, something like that.

  3. The last one is conversions, which is the concrete action like making sales or getting foot traffic to at your real life store.

While each platform usually contains this same outline, each still has its own spin on it which makes things a little bit more interesting.

At the end of the day, I wouldn’t choose a platform solely based on objectives since most platforms can be used to achieve whatever goal your business is going for. I would choose more on the types of ads they can provide. If one matches your business really well, it might be worth a look.

YouTube is mostly video based obviously, but something to keep in mind is that many of their ads are skippable or opt-in, so you really have to catch attention with your ad. The huge advantage to YouTube is most users have their sound on. Facebook and Instagram have a similar ad system, but most users have their sound off.


Generally speaking, Facebook and Instagram’s ad types are optimized for online retail. The carousel and collections ads, in particular, are perfect for that.

Twitter and Linkedin are flexible with their ad types, but photo and video are still usually the way to go. LinkedIn has a unique option that allows advertisers to send personalized messages to customers which can really help to increase trust between consumer and advertiser.


3) Cost

So here is the big question when it comes to advertising, how much is it gonna cost me?

I wish there was a simple answer to that. It depends on so many factors, but I’m gonna try and make it clear.

The things to keep in mind with this is whether you want impressions or engagement and which you’re paying for. Impressions are reach whereas engagement is an action like a click.

So, let’s say Facebook is charging around 50 cents per click which is around the average. Instagram is usually a little more than double that and LinkedIn is 10 times that. But when we look at the cost per 1000 impressions, the ratios changeup. Facebook shoots up to somewhere closer to $9. Instagram is around $7 and LinkedIn is a little less with $6.

You have to keep in mind which one you’re looking for. Engagement is expensive. But it’s also very valuable, so don’t be afraid to pay for it. I recommend listening to what the platform suggests for your campaign. They’re usually right.

The reason these ratios vary so much has to do with how likely a user of these social media platforms is to engage with your ad and how limited the adspace is. For example, Facebook’s ad costs have been increasing as their ad space becomes more limited.

If you’re interested in more details about these social media platforms, subscribe to our YouTube channel. We’ll be going more into depth about several of them. I hope you learned something!

Happy advertising.

@Brands: Things We Wish You Knew

Creating a successful influencer marketing campaign requires understanding of an environment that’s changing everyday. The Internet. Here are some quick tips to help you understand the influencer world a little better.

1.Where to find influencers

  1. Influencers are everywhere. It can get a little overwhelming when trying to find the right one for your brand

    1. First of all, if you already have an influencer in mind, what are you doing. just email them. Tell them a little about what you’re trying to do and if you really want to get their attention, throw in the amount you’re willing to pay. Those are usually the ones I respond to because I know they mean business.

    2. If you don’t have an influencer picked out yet, you can go to a third party site. They’re called influencer marketplaces and there are several of them to choose from.

    3. The one I personally use is called famebit.

      1. You just hop on there, make a post about what you’re trying to do, what platforms you want your campaign on, how much you’re willing to spend, and the influencers will come to you.

    4. This will usually be more budget friendly than approaching a specific creator or an agency.

2.Picking the right influencer

  1. Now that you have some influencers in mind, which one do you want?

    1. A big mistake brands often make is judging an influencer by their follower count or their views. That’s not where the power lies, it’s their community engagement.

      1. comments, likes, sharing. This means their audience is listening to them. This is where you get real conversions.

    2. There are countless creators with tons of views, but no engagement. This can be due to a lot of reasons, including purchasing followers.

    3. Which is basically like talking to a room full of dead people. You don’t want to pay for that.

    4. Also, don’t be afraid of working with small creators. Sometimes they have the most dedicated communities.

  2. Community -

    1. Another key factor in choosing the right influencer is their type of community. It’s more than just gender, age, or where they live thing.

      1. For example, I have a channel with a demographic of mostly 18-24 year old girls, so makeup and clothes brands have reached out to me for brand deals

      2. But that’s not going to suit my audience because I produce comedy and art content

      3. The girls that watch my videos aren’t coming there to hear fashion tips. It would be very insincere and weird for me to randomly throw in a makeup deal.

      4. On the other hand, I did a deal with a drawing tablet company that was very successful.

      5. Try to understand the influencers content before throwing money at them.

Dslr Camera For Woman Recording Vlog and Tutorial

3.How much freedom to give influencers

  1. It’s in both parties’ best interest for influencers to be genuine

    1. Especially nowadays, online communities are not a fan of big business vibes and will get real mad if anyone comes off as selling out.

    2. The influencer needs to have some freedom with your brand and be honest with how they feel.

    3. If you have specific talking points, that’s fine, just give them bullet points, not a script.

  2. No two influencers are the same and each influencer will have a deep understanding of their own audience. Trust them.

    1. They want their content to do well, just like you, so be flexible with your ideas. Listen to them if they say their community won’t respond to a certain concept.

    2. At the end of the day, it’s the influencer’s job to be entertaining, if you don’t let them do that, nobody is going to watch it and that’s in nobodies best interest.

    3. For example, if they’re a comedy influencer, they’ll probably be real goofy or sarcastic. If you don’t want that, don’t hire them.

4.How much to pay them??

  1. Easy! Make them an offer and negotiate from there, they’ll tell you.

  2. OR there’s a site called Social bluebook where influencers can see how much they’re worth

    1. Get them to send that to you

  3. A note from an influencer’s perspective, if you’re fair with our pay, we will go above and beyond for you.

  4. I will genuinely want the brand to succeed in their campaign, meaning, I’ll make posts on my other platforms that you didn’t pay for. I’ll talk about you in my livestreams and I’ll tell my influencer friends that you were a joy to work with.

  5. Think about that when you lowball us.


5.Be clear with what you want and be realistic

  1. If you want your logo in there, you have to say that

  2. If you want them to put a link, give it to them

  3. Be clear what date you want it posted at least a week beforehand. Scripting, filming, editing, drawing all takes a long time and many influencers do all the work themselves. Try to be flexible with them.

  4. Keep in mind that changes take a while.

    1. Even just exporting videos can take hours, so when you want a minor change last second, know it probably won’t be timely.

    2. Another thing to keep in mind, specifically for youtube, the algorithm begins to watch your video from the second you upload it, even when it’s unlisted, so don't make it sit there for 48 hours.

    3. Trust the creators. They make their living on those platforms, so they usually know it well.

6.Try not to take everything so seriously

  1. Have you been on the internet recently

    1. Nobody takes anything seriously anymore

    2. Check out wendy’s twitter if you want to see something that will blow your mind

    3. Not everything has to be 100% business, people are looking for a more genuine experience nowaday.

  2. With that in mind, treat your influencers with respect  

    1. It may be their job to make a fool of themselves on the internet, but that’s still their job and most of them take it seriously.

    2. Keep in mind, they have a platform, and if you treat them poorly, they’ll tell on you.

Wendy's on Twitter_iStudiosMedia_Phoenix_AZ

Pantone Color of the Year 2019: Living Coral

"An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge."


2019 "An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge."PANTONE 16-1546 Living CoralLuscious, nourishing, life-sustaining and mostly hidden from view, PANTONE Living Coral captures the wonder and magic of our coral reefs, which support a quarter of all marine species and half a billion people around the world.

PANTONE Living Coral embodies playfulness, energy, and a yearning to reconnect with nature. The choice also celebrates our innate need for optimism, authenticity, connection, and life-affirming activities.

You ask what's Panton? Pantone Colors for graphic designers are an incredible range of over 2,600 solid colors created by Pantone that are the foundation of the Pantone Matching System. This system is a standardised color matching system, designed by Pantone to ensure color accuracy and consistency in color online and across printing surfaces.

Sweet Marketing Ideas You Can Use For Your Business!

Holiday cards are sweet, but building an in depth relationships with your customers and clients is even sweeter. Here at iStudios we enjoy sharing the love with our clients and helping them reach their marketing goals 24/7 all year round, since Holidays are right around the corner, here is our list of sweet marketing ideas that are sure to make your client feel the love.

1. Monthly Offers Try to offer them something special, every month or every once in a while! offer them a discounts and dealds to have them to your door step and let them know that they are the first ones who got a luxury of knowing this deal, offer or whatever it might be! This way you can drive customer acquisition and maintain customer relations. According to a report by CMO council, in 2016, 71% of internet users have claimed that they were effected by some type of monthly offer such as discounts or coupons upon making their purshase. So don't forget Monthly and Weekly deals!

2. Email Marketing /Newsletter Subscription Offer

Reeling a customer in with an enticing initial offer is key to finding new client. One great way of doing this is by putting out an attractive subscription offer. By providing an offer in exchange for visitors emails address, not only do you increase the chance of a conversion, but you also get their email, providing you with the opportunity to market new products and offers to them in the future.

sweet ideas for your business!

3.Offers for Liking, Following and Sharing On Social Media

You might have seen posts that suggest to share this post and tag your friend to win a prize or something. This is a great way to build a deeper level of relationship with your clients.
Let them get the latest updates from your products, service and deals. This help you to increase your engagement and brand recognition not only by your costumers also by their circle of followers.

It’s important to Make sure the promotion’s compelling enough to make your followers feel special. One great perk of social media coupons are that they are very shareable on many different outlets. Followers can easily pass the deal along to their friends and family, making it a great sales platform.

4. Abandoned Cart Offers

With close to 65% of all online shoppers  abandoning their carts, “abandon cart” email offers can be a powerful method to potentially bring those people back to your business. Put the spark back in your relationship with your customers by offering them personally targeted promotions .

What is content creation and do I need one?


Content creation is the method of producing subject ideas that appeal to your buyer persona, creating written or visible content around those concepts, and making that data accessible to your viewers as a blog, video, infographic, or different format.

They could even have contribution to weblog posts, email e-newsletter, video advertising, YouTube content material, and plenty of more.

Whether it’s a weblog post, an infographic, a video or one thing else, you must provide you with attention-grabbing titles for your content piece.

Fortunately, plenty of online content material is garbage—and it’s your job as a savvy content material creator to sift by way of the junk, discover valuable resources in your audience, and create extra of the good things.

Social media is a fantastic way to collect useful information on how you're being perceived and what your target audience appears like.

Your audience and prospects are utilizing social media, they click links, read blogs, watch movies, listen to podcasts, subscribe to newsletters—they usually share the high-quality, high-value content with their friends.

Creating your buyer persona probably gave you some concepts about what matters to put in writing about and what questions your audience might need, which is a good start.

Look for resources that your viewers will find interesting, and check out content material curation for your self.

Create #content so as to add value, help your viewers, and place your self as an expert.

Content creation is an iterative course of that pays off tremendously with your viewers.

It is not enough to only write nevertheless it must be understood by majority to all audience or readers.

Content is the megaphone that allows companies to communicate to their audience.

Blogs, internet pages, ad copy, social media posts, ebooks, how-to guides, movies, this very paragraph you’re studying – it’s all the work of extremely expert content creators.

Follow thought leaders, hold monitor of the latest information, trawl through discussion boards, and hunt on social media; mainly make every attempt to know all developments in your domain and the kind of data your target market is looking for.

Marketers and types around the globe know there’s extra to social media content material creation and editing than meets the eye.

Our group creates content at a tempo that will hold your digital advertising channels lively and fascinating.

We're always in search of great writers, digital marketers, analysts, content strategists, and technical SEOs in New York and people willing to relocate for our internet advertising company.

Do you even need a video for your business?


You have your company, website and probably contents that explains your service and what you offer there, right? But you might not have a video and you think you are all set. people would go there, brows your content, check out your services and contact you to help them with what you offer. well, that's not usually how it works. Video can attract more people, much more than just a content! That's how you can keep them encouraged, have them to learn more about you and of course give yourself some extra credits because you have something that most likely your competitors don't! THE VIDEO!

Check out our new video about why having a video on your website means converting more visitors to a client.

if you don't have a video for your business yet, we can help you! call us today and let us help you out with your next video project, we are very good at what we're doing and quite frankly, we're affordable!

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