Why Video Marketing in 2020?

With all the craziness in 2020, it’s 2021 and our world got even more digital. from working remotely to #zoomMeeting, it became part of our lives.

But let’s talk about video and why does it matter to do video marketing in your 2021 digital marketing strategy?

Below we count 5 reasons that gives you a pretty good reason why you should have a video on top of your marketing strategy list.

1. People will spend more time on your web page if you have a video and in fact, video reduces the bounce rate* which helps your SEO.

You have a site, you wrote a beautiful content for your page, even added perfect shots you took with your camera. but your bounce rate is too high. Means people are too lazy to read. Ask your Google Analytics.

*Bounce rate is an Internet marketing term used in web traffic analysis. It represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site.

bounce rate
2. If you use video in your emails (which we highly recommend!) you’re increasing the click rate by 300%. 😲
(I know, that’s crazy! right?) The video makes people more curious about your topic, product, services.

They might not be astronauts or scientists to read your content but they sure can watch and watching is convenient. They get it! it’s easy to understand through clips and motion words. It’s fun too and isn’t that the reason that we are all hanging around here?

Young asian owner business woman work at home for online shopping, using video marketing
3. If you are selling thing online and you don’t have a product video yet, check this out: Video increases purchase rate by 64%. People tend to purchase if they see a video of a product or anything they see online.

I myself am guilty of purchasing things over Amazon after I watched the product video. and honestly, I might not even need that item but video persuaded me to complete my buying journey.

4. It’s 2021 and our phones are full of #Tiktok videos. wait for 2022 as researchers predict 82% of the internet traffic will be all videos.

Video marketing in soical media

5. and let’s just keep this short and let it sink in. YouTube videos get over 5 billion videos every day!