Dr. Mahdi Rostami MD is a successful entrepreneur who recently started his practice in Frisco, Texas.

Before he began his practice, he received consultation from iStudios Media on how to put his name on SERP (search engine page results).

We started with the web design. The key to any SEO is to have fresh content and a correct title, meta tag and description on each page of your website.

That’s what we did!

Then, we continued producing series of videos. The first video introduces Dr. Rostami MD, Retina Specialist. This simple video has a huge impact on his web presence, so much so that, if you search his name, you’d see the above video on the first page.

That is the power of video that can jump start your business.

We Are The Best Digital Marketer

Don’t tell people about your brand, show them!
These days, people want to watch videos rather than read a paragraph, yet even their attention span for videos is low!.