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@Brands: Facebook Ads

Facebook is the largest social media platform with over 2.3 billion monthly active users and 1.2 billion daily active users. It’s enormous. Anyone thinking about social media advertising should at least take a look at Facebook and see if it’s right for them.

1) Audience

In general, Facebook users are older, with 45% of its users over the age of 35, so if you’re only interested in targeting young people, you might want to check out Instagram, which Facebook owns. It has all these same advantages I’m going to discuss just with a younger audience. You can connect your facebook ad account right to Instagram and run the same ads on both platforms with no additional work.

So my favorite thing about Facebook advertising is the microtargeting system that lets you reach a very very specific group of people. Are you only interested in advertising to 30-year-old, newly married women who live within 5 miles of Roanoke, Virginia that are interested in knitting and currently employed as an airline pilot? Well, I think you should reconsider your business plan, but if that woman exists, you can market to her through Facebook ads.

The ability to target people this specifically makes Facebook marketing generally more successful than other platforms like YouTube or Twitter that only have the basic information on their users.

2) Ad Types

Facebook is also pretty unique in its type of ads. There are classic photo and video ads. But they also have carousel ads which allow up to 10 photos or videos that users can flip through. And slideshow ads which are short video ads that are made up of photos or short videos. They also do collections which is one large image with smaller ones below it and instant experiences which are full-screen images. And one of my favorites, lead ads which are designed to make it easy for people to send in their contact information. A very valuable thing.

Another huge reason Facebook is popular is its objective system. You can choose from 11 different goals and Facebook will automatically optimize your campaign to fit that. There are three main sections: awareness, consideration, and conversions, each with more specific levels.

3) Cost

As far as pricing, it varies. It’s one of the cheapest platforms in terms on cost per click. The average is around 50 cents. And their return is one of the best out of the popular social media platforms. On the other hand, their price per impression is pretty high at around $9 for a thousand impressions. They’ve also been raising their prices recently as ad space becomes more limited, so keep an eye on that.

4) Is it right for me?

Now that you have an idea about the outline of Facebook ads, when should you use them?

It’s very effective and specific. Its pricing is great comparatively and everyone’s on it. I would highly suggest any retailers to seriously consider Facebook advertising. Especially if your target audience is older. If you’re just looking to spread the word about your company, look into LinkedIn or Instagram. They have a cheaper cost per impression. But if you’re looking for clicks or leads, Facebook is a good place.

If you’re interested in more details about other social platforms, you should subscribe to this channel, I’ll be doing more in the future. I hope you learned something!

Happy advertising.