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About iStudios Media

iStudios Media specializes in digital marketing, video marketing, and social media content. 

We are a full-service marketing agency that specializes in everything from digital strategy to content creation. We live, breathe and sleep brands because we love them!

We work with entrepreneurs who want their company’s story told on an international scale – as well as Fortune 500 companies looking for new ways of connecting with customers through social media channels like Facebook Live or Instagram Stories.

We are a team of creative digital marketers who love to work with businesses of all sizes. We work to learn their mission, their audience, and goals to take them to achieve all of their professional desires.

At istudiosmedia, we specialize in digital marketing and video marketing. We help brands connect with customers on an international scale through social media channels like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories. We understand the importance of a good story, and work to create content that resonates with businesses of all sizes. Our team is full of creative minds who love to think outside the box – so you can focus on what you’re best at: your business!

We take that energy and develop strategies and marketing plans tailored specifically to the client’s needs.

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iStudiosMedia Marketing Agency

our mission

Create the best content, inspire our world and implement solutions for people we work with.

The “i” in iStudios Media, stands for “Imagine”. We want to create what is being envisioned in the best form. We live in a world of differences and looking at these in the most optimistic way possible inspires us to help others and be the best version of mankind we can be.

We want to be of help by offering solutions that is focused on bringing results. 

We want to be an inspiration of people we work with and work for. 

We want to be the best we can be at what we do by becoming one of the most creative companies in the nation.

Our Team

Experts Behind istudiosmedia

iStudiosMedia Marketing Agency

hessam kermani

Perfomance Marketer

iStudiosMedia Marketing Agency

rachel cohen

Digital Marketer

iStudiosMedia Marketing Agency

Tate sprague

Digital Marketer

iStudiosMedia Marketing Agency

gabriella del rio

Digital Marketer

istudiosmedia-about us

We don't just create; We build business

We are a new breed of communications company. we don’t just create them; we build business with our clients from strategy to implementation so they can go places together!

Our team begins every project by analyzing the brand, talking to the people behind it, and sharing the vision and enthusiasm our clients have. 

iStudiosMedia is a creative company that wants to inspire the world. We believe in the power of differences and use them to create content that inspires people to be their best selves. Our solutions-based approach helps us work with clients and partners to achieve tangible results. We want to be an inspiration for those we work with, and strive to be one of the most creative companies in the nation.

We are a content creation company that strives to inspire the world and implement solutions for those they work with. With a focus on bringing results, iStudios aims to be an inspiration for those they work with, implementing creative solutions that make a difference.

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